This is our squad.

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Tai Devore, President

When the newly founded BACC needed a spokesman, the crew looked no further than long-time Eastside local Tai Devore. Born and raised in Oregon, Tai brings 30 years of outdoor industry knowledge to the team. He’s seen the explosion of climbing popularity in the last decade and is eager to educate the new generation about keeping climbing safe and our crags clean. When asked why he wanted to be involved in the BACC’s founding, Tai replied, “I’m going to be here forever. Why not try to make it a better place?” In between gardening, watching zombie movies, and tinkering with his home climbing gym, Tai somehow find the time to author and publish Pine Creek Climbing Guide, an incredible guidebook to his all-time favorite Eastside crag.


Jeff Deikis, Vice President

Hailing from the great state of Michigan, Jeff joins the BACC as its first Vice President. With fifteen years of experience in the outdoor industry, including seven with the American Alpine Club, he's proven at establishing relationships with local businesses and land managers as well as grassroots community development. A long-time Bishop resident, Jeff loves this small town and when not climbing in the mountains, he can likely be found carving sweet s-turns in the backcountry or staring into the eyes of his dog, Obi.

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Ben Ditto, Secretary

Ben Ditto wears a lot of hats, but the one we like the most is that of our inaugural secretary. In addition to crushing rock and taking kickass photos, Ben loves to be a part of his local community where he recently opened a new business, the Bishop Cowork. He’s not quite sure how he made it here from Chattanooga but thinks it probably has something to do with all the Westerns he watched as a kid. Ben is stoked to use the BACC to give climbers “the opportunity to channel some of their love into repairing some of their impacts.”


Adam Zumstein, Treasurer

Adam is a long-time climber and Bishop resident who traces his roots back east to North Carolina. An engineer by trade, he’s got the mechanical, project-focused mind the BACC needs, and we’re thrilled to have him as our Treasurer. When pressed about his favorite East Side climbing destination, he insisted that the Sierra’s diversity no matter the season is what makes Bishop so all-time. Adam has witnessed the way Bishop has changed over the last decade and is eager to promote a positive connection between the town and the climbing community. When he’s not crunching our numbers or crushing stone, Adam also enjoys bikes, skis, and couches.


Shondeen Chavez, Cultural Affairs Director

Shondeen’s role with the BACC developed out of absolute necessity, and the team couldn’t be luckier to have him on board. Shondeen is the BACC’s invaluable liaison between the climbing community and the Paiute tribe, and he’s excited to help us prioritize the sacred places in the Payahuunaadu. As a Nüümü, Shondeen describes being “bound by blood and spirit to [his] motherland,” and any good day for him involves being on the land with his family. Shondeen has hundreds of first ascent boulder problems on the Eastside and is psyched on stewardship projects and working with local youth.


Lauren DeLaunay, Communications Director

Another transplant from the Tar Heel State, Lauren’s great love for granite led her to the Sierra with no plans of looking back. As Communications Director, Lauren is the voice of the BACC, and she’s excited to find ways to communicate with Bishop lovers near and far about access issues, events, and ways to get involved. Lauren’s favorite Bishop day involves a pre-dawn start, a long approach, and as many pitches of splitter cracks as possible. She spends half of the year working for Yosemite Valley Search and Rescue, in between doing crossword puzzles and drinking too much coffee.


Erin Elliott, Stewardship Director

Hailing from the Central Coast of California, Erin’s long-time love of climbing trees and fences eventually led her to the Eastside where she enjoys being off the beaten path, climbing granite, and geeking out about local flora. Erin’s years of experience with the Bureau of Land Management made her the perfect person to run our stewardship program. The beauty of the Sierra inspires her to protect these landscapes that are so clearly impacted by climbing, and she’s excited to be a part of the founding board!


Tim golden, special projects director

After witnessing a bystander pick up someone else’s abandoned excrement in the Buttermilks last year, Tim was reminded of the importance of being a good steward, even when it’s not so glamorous! As the former President of the Bay Area Climbers Coalition, we are so lucky to have Tim and his years of invaluable experience. Tim moved to Bishop recently after recognizing this area’s “proximity to a lifetime of adventure,” and when not crushing boulders, he can also be found mountain biking, kayaking, and wandering aimlessly in nature.


Ali Feinberg, Community director

Ali’s been calling the Eastside home for nearly twenty years after migrating from Maryland to find solace in a place where she can climb, ski, bike, and run nearly every day. After working as a climbing ranger for the National Park Service, Ali is passionate about continuing to join local forces to protect the areas we love.